Vayarin. A whole new way to manage symptoms of ADHD.

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Vayarin is different from every other ADHD approach out there. Here's why.

It has been clinically shown to manage ADHD symptoms in children.
With virtually no side effects.

Vayarin isn't a drug. It's a clinical dietary ADHD management approach, available by prescription only. So you don't have to worry about the potentially dangerous side effects associated with prescription drugs.

It's what you've been waiting for.

Gotcha. So how does it work?

Over time our eating habits as a society have changed. For example, generations ago kids would normally eat liver and onions, which is rich in nutrients for the brain.

But even if it was possible to get today's kids to eat liver and onions, it still wouldn't be enough for children with ADHD. That's because kids suffering from ADHD often have certain nutrient imbalances that kids without ADHD do not. And, these nutrient imbalances cannot be addressed by modifying the diet alone. Vayarin can help.

Inspired by mothers' breast milk, Vayarin's patented composition serves as a key building block for healthy brain function. Using what the body already knows, Vayarin's unique structure is specially formulated to address lipid imbalances associated with ADHD. And it's designed to be easier for the brain to absorb than over-the-counter dietary supplements.

But you won't see effects instantly. Remember, Vayarin is not a drug. Because Vayarin is a key building block, it takes time for the blocks to build up in your child's brain. Vayarin can take 30 to 90 days to build up to the right level based on your child's unique system.

Plus, because Vayarin builds up in the system gradually, it also wears off gradually. So there are no awful "comedowns."

Vayarin is a whole new way to manage your child's ADHD symptoms.

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Vayarin is not a stimulant, and it's easy to take. Previously blue, Vayarin now comes in a new caramel color derived from natural ingredients. The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day or as directed by a physician. Capsules can be opened and sprinkled on food.

Vayarin is a medical food available by prescription only. And while strictly regulated by the FDA, it is not subject to the same approval process as conventional pharmaceutical drugs. VAYA Pharma has conducted all of the necessary safety and efficacy studies on Vayarin, which has been developed, manufactured and labeled in accordance with both the statutory and FDA regulatory definition of a medical food.

"My son is in second grade and was diagnosed with ADHD. He is taking Vayarin for more than a month now and he is doing well: coping well with very challenging classes, and improving his behavior and performance. I am so impressed with the results that I have told other parents and their family doctors about this product."

Suzan P. *

"My 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. She never took any ADHD medicines, and she was moody, distant, and very emotional. Her physician decided to prescribe her Vayarin in September. After a month, I received good feedback from her teachers and counselors saying that her mood and her ability to concentrate have really improved. We are now able to do things together as a family! So far, she hasn't had any negative side effects. I really recommend that parents of children with ADHD try this option. Thank you."

Kathy O.*
* Individual results may vary.

Sounds awesome, but what does "virtually" no side effects really mean?

There are virtually no side effects. Really. Unlike ADHD drugs, Vayarin provides compounds that are familiar to the human body.

In clinical studies, no significant effects were detected in physical examination, vital signs, weight, height, and biochemical and hematological blood parameters, while minor adverse effects were reported in a small fraction of patients.

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You can read more about the results of the clinical studies here and Vayarin's efficacy and safety in the journal European Psychiatry.

Sounds good, but maybe your child is currently taking ADHD meds or you're not ready for your child to be taken off those medications? Don't worry — no interactions with ADHD medications have been reported.

Vayarin is not a drug; it is a medical food for the clinical dietary management of ADHD, available by prescription. Individual results may vary.

Okay, so why am I just hearing about you?

Vayarin was developed by the VAYA Pharma division of Enzymotec, a highly reputable biotech company based in Israel. For years, this innovative approach has been shown to be effective in use overseas.

Vayarin was launched in the U.S. over two years ago. And feedback from physicians and parents regarding Vayarin has been very positive.

What We Believe

The human body is a miracle. Its ability to heal itself is a marvel almost too astounding to comprehend. At VAYA Pharma, we realize the potential of the human body. And our mission is to reform medicine and the way we look at health. Reform that respects what the body is capable of. Reform that enables a whole new mindset around your well-being. Reform that alleviates virtually all side effects. Our goal is to create products that use what the body knows to make the body better. It's a whole new way of managing your health. It's a whole new way of talking about your health. It's a whole new script.

Vaya Pharma: It's a whole new script. Learn more

Now available nationwide, Vayarin's clinical study results were presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) in New York.


I'm interested. What do I do next?

Since Vayarin requires a prescription and ADHD is a complex condition involving biological and environmental factors, your first step is to talk to your child's doctor.

She'll perform a thorough evaluation including an interview with you. You'll be asked to answer questions about your child's symptoms, his behavior and how it affects his life at home and at school. You'll also be asked about other family members who may have ADHD, as ADHD is believed to have a genetic basis.

We've prepared a doctor visit conversation tool to help you get the most out of your visit.

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Doctor Visit Conversation Tool (Download PDF)

  1. I'm concerned with the side effects of prescription drugs. So I found this clinical dietary approach for the management of ADHD that has virtually no side effects. It's called Vayarin. Can you help me learn more?
  2. In clinical studies, Vayarin was shown to safely reduce ADHD symptoms. Do you think it might be right for my child?
  3. I read that Vayarin was specially created to be easier for the brain to absorb than over-the-counter supplements, can you help me understand that?
  4. Knowing Vayarin can take 30 to 90 days to build up to the right level for my child, how do you recommend we manage that time period?
  5. (For parents whose child is already on medication) Given that Vayarin is safe and well tolerated, and is not known to adversely interact with ADHD medications, do you see any reason why we can't start it today in addition to the medicines my child is currently taking?
  6. (For parents whose child isn't already on medication) Given that Vayarin is safe and well tolerated, is there any reason why we can't give Vayarin a try?
Parent testimonial

"So far, I have nothing but great things to say. He can focus, but he still has his 'vibrant' personality. No side effects whatsoever."

Parent of 9 year old boy *
* Individual results may vary. For use under the supervision of a physician.
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Pricing Information

Suggested retail price for Vayarin is $58.75. We've seen prices range from $53-$75. To receive the lowest price available from your retail pharmacy, ask for the cash price if your insurance does not yet cover Vayarin.

VAYA Direct offers a convenient, straight-to-your door prescription fulfillment process for Vayarin®. This program gives you the option of cutting down on paperwork, pharmacy visits, and out-of-pocket spending. Enrolling is a simple matter of either emailing your prescription in, or uploading it through our secure enrollment form here.